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Our Brand
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CNPC's logo embodies the unity and commitment to harmony between the development of hydrocarbon operations and the protection of the environment.

The colors of the Chinese flag are defined within the rising sun which highlights our brilliant future as a company.

Additionally, our strength and cohesion as a state-owned enterprise stands out, and the flower with 10 petals represents our core businesses around the world.

For CNPC, growth in business is achieved through progress, development of society, and protection of the environment; thus, it carries out its operations with technology and advanced knowledge, and its personnel has experience and extensive knowledge in the oil industry which makes its operations profitable and additionally, through its Social Responsibility policy, which represents one of CNPC's essential pillars in business development in Peru.

The logos of the companies operating in Peru are:
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/Quienes Somos/CNPCMarcaEN/LOGO 3.jpg